Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time for Stefan Maguran to shut up!

It has been a glorious journey!
In such a relatively short time, my life went from an efficient project manager contributing to the Great Move to China and India, to a single-minded person organizing an Outsiders festival in Adelaide (just pause a bit and think about the enormity of this task!).
Anyhow, it is over, the show is just a few days away, it will be open by Olga Sankey, Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts at the University of South Australia, and I will let the works and artists speak for themselves.

It took a lot of hard work, a lot of money, and the benefit for me is that it is happening much better than expected.
I made so many friends along the way.
I will mention Julie Stephens for her kindness and support, Angela Polglaze, for driving her truck all the way from Melbourne, in desperate need as a result for some cash to fix it to be able to move on, Mike Retter for his help with the video production, is spite of his personal dramas, and everybody who has helped and you know who you are.

Thank you, and although I did not mention everybody, please believe me I love you all.